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  Bar N Cattle Co. Online Auction - December 14, 2017
Online sale hosted by showstock.com.
  Lot 1 - Bar N Cedar Creed 632D
Registration Number: x4246346
date of birth: November 10, 2016
sire: Prospect Hill Alarado 33A
dam: JDMC Miss Remedy 124Z
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Lot 2 - NFS Dylan A 651
Registration Number: x4256092
date of birth: September 12, 2016
sire: Prospect Hill Alarado 33A
dam: NFS Emma Ann BS 1317 
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  Lot 3 - Bar N Checkmate 608D
Registration Number: x4235886
date of birth: March 31, 2016
sire: Bar N Ripper 99A
dam: Deerhorn Luxury Lady A16
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Lot 4 - Bar N Tanker 604D
Registration Number: x4235882
date of birth: March 17, 2016
sire: Deerhorn JDMC Tanker Z139
dam: Bar N 3580 Silvia 30B
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  Lot 5 - B C Alarado 09D
Registration Number: *xAR4243818
date of birth: March 26, 2016
sire: Prospect Hill Alarado 33A
dam: JDMC Classic Beatrice 29A
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  Shorthorn Herd sires  
  Bar N Ripper 99A
Registration number: x4198242 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: April 8, 2013
Semen Available: $35
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  Saskvalley Bonanza 219M
  S Miss Gus 0487  
  Saskvalley Task Force 105T
  S Rocksie's Marquis 4602 

  Bar N Lookout 511C
Registration number: xAR4225948 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: April 11, 2015

  O C C Legend 616L  
Sire:  B C LOOKOUT 7024  
  Gibbet Hill Mignonne E37  
  Saskvalley Bonanza 219M 
  S Empress Marquis 3589


  Full sister of 511C    
  Prospect Hill Alarado 33A
Registration number: x4213927 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: March 11, 2013

  Muridale Huey 8U ET  
  Balmoral Oaks Doris 1U  
  Nicol Larado 3L  
  Matlock Specs 14K

  JDMC Big Sky 15X
Registration number: x4167752 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: February 11, 2010
Semen Available: $50

  Saskvalley Ultra 12J
Sire: Saskvalley bonanza 219m
  Saskvalley Brenda 218K
  Eionmor Marquis 86G
Dam: s rocksie's Marquis 3590
  S Miss Eagle 6330

  JDMC Remedy 34X
Registration number: x4167759 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: February 28, 2010
Semen Available: $30
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  Saskvalley ULTRA 12J
  Saskvalley Brenda 218K
  Eionmor Mr Gus 89E
Dam: S MISS GUS 0487
  S Miss Eagle 6330

Here is a solid red, smooth polled, asterick free son of one of our all time favorites Saskvalley Bonanza. He is out of a powerhouse of a Eionmor Mr Gus 89E Daughter who we also think could be one of the best Gus Bulls to come from Canada. We have plans on breeding 50 plus heifers to him this year so that tells you how confident we are in him. One thing to help you out with this years decision to breed heifers is that the breed average for $CEZ is $4.49 and JDMC REMEDY 34X is $33.55. We feel that he is the next great heifer bull in the industry and he should not sacrifice what most other calving sires do. He is massive ribbed, long spined, good headed, and sound as a cat. 

  Saskavalley Task Force
Registration number: x4161515 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: May 1, 2007
Semen Available: $30

  Saskvalley Navajo 153M
Sire: Saskvalley ripper 260R
  Saskvalley Marianne 184H
  Muridale Master 24M
  Saskvalley Maggie 256M

This bull caught my attention the minute I walked in the bull pastures at Saskavalley. Task Force works extremely well on heifers and cows alike. His calving ease is nearly unmatched and should be considered a sleep easy calving ease bull. We are very excited about the females that we have retained here at JDMC. Owned With Jungels Shorthorn Farm and Bowman Superior Genetics. Semen Available.

  Jake's Prince of Jazz 236P
Registration number: x4135306 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: September 7, 2004
Semen Available: $30

  Jake's Proud Leader 243H
Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz 266L
  Jake's Jazzy 250J
  AHL White Cloud
Dam: Jake's Kassie 214K
  RD 318

This is a bull that I fell in love with the first time I laid my eyes on him. Prince came directly from Ohlde Cattle Company in Kansas with full confidence. An old timer once told me that once you find a bull that you like, utilize semen on him first on your own cows and if you like the result then buy him. This is what we have done. We have progeny on the ground and he is now here running the pastures at JDMC Cattle Company. Semen available.

  Studer's Trendsetter 31T
Registration number: x4127520 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: February 16, 2007
Semen Available: $20

  Eionmore Masterpiece 36D
Sire: eionmor marquis 86G
  Eionmor Camelot Ruby 94T
  Ramsholt Balmuchy Prince 24F
Dam: dsf rona 11k
  Eionmor Mochican Rona 6C

  JSF Revolution U2 ET
Registration number: x4142487 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: March 6, 2008
Semen Available: $20
Owned With: Jungels Shorthorn Farm

  Jake's Proud Leader 243H
Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz 266L
  Jake's Jazzy 250J
  DEE Jay's Shady Drive 137
Dam: Dee jays rodeo lady 301r
  Dee Jay's Rodeo Lady 601A

Many of the old cowboys always told me that you should look at a bulls mother and grandmother before you buy the bull. Now that opportunity doesn't happen everyday but I was fortunate enough to have seen both Dee Jay's Rodeo Lady 301R and Jake's Jazzy 250J...Enough Said...Two of the most powerful cows in the shorthorn breed. Here is our cowmaker! 301R is still producing today at 16 years old as well as 250J at 10 years old. Here is a bull that should leave you with some powerful daughters with longevity and predictability built in. Semen Available through Genex.

  Saskvalley Bonanza 219M
Registration number: x4144181 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: May 16, 2002
owned by: Muridale Shorthorns

  Saskvalley Cylde 12E
Sire: saskvalley Ultra 12J
  Saskvalley Lily 170F
  Saskvalley Chairman 1G
Dam: saskvalley Brenda 218k
  Saskvalley Brenda 13Y

Used at JDMC naturally in spring 2009. After searching through many of the Top Shorthorn Herds in the U.S. and Canada I finally found the bull that combines everything into one package. Bonanza has unparallel power and dimension from front to back with an outstanding set of daughters already in production that will be a mainstay at the Muridale operation. We have a set of females sired by Bonanza and they are the Wedge shaped ideal beef female. They are moderate in there frame and have perfect udders. We are currently using Bonanza through AI & ET.

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