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:: About US

JDMC Consists of three like minded cattlemen who are working together to develop a product that will work in the Beef Industry Here at JDMC we are committed to making cattle that will not only go out and work for the commercial cattleman, not only sustain or maintain, but to excel in what cattle are supposed  to do… BEING PROFITABLE… 

:: Our goals
We are trying to develop the perfect beasts that will go out and work for us.  The kind that are moderate in their frame size but still have the ability to push the scales down, the kind that are easy fleshing and have the ability to turn low quality forages and feedstuffs into protein that is needed for the human to survive, the kind that will just go out and produce efficiently with low inputs, and bring in high returns.

:: Our History
Raising Shorthorns is nothing new for JDMC. As a matter of fact, there have been Shorthorns in the family since 1965. In the summer of 2008 cattlemen Jeff Morris, Doug Bruns, and Cody Nelson decided they would unite and become one operation as they now are running about 120 producing females and predominantly all Shorthorn females with an exception of a few powerful Angus cows for our ShorthornPlus program.  The herd started with what was already owned between the three of them.

:: Our Herd
When they announced their partnership it was time to search for the matrons.  First stop was at Meadow Lane Farms in Mayview, Missouri.  The entire Meadow Lane spring calving herd was purchased and delivered in August of 2009. 

Following that, JDMC had a chance to acquire some of the top cows from the Y Lazy Y operation in Montana.  This was not a big numbers transaction as there were only 7 cows that made the trip but all 7 cows are getting noticed by visitors.  I would like to personally thank Ralph Larson for that opportunity. 

Last but not least came the purchase of the Dale Springman herd.  I put on many miles over the last couple of years trying to find my perfect cows and it was not until I went to the Springman operation that I finally found them.  These are moderate framed, easy fleshing beef cows that are doing an exceptional job in their first year in production here at JDMC Cattle Company and will be a mainstay in our operation.  Thank you Dale for that opportunity. 

Watch for JDMC Cattle Company in the future to become the headquarters for finding your next herd sire.  We are dedicated and focused on developing the perfect bull for your operation.  If we don’t have what you need, we will assist you find what you are looking for.   Also feel free to contact us for flushing opportunities on any of our herd matrons as we are developing a unique opportunity to for anyone to purchase of flush off of your pick of JDMC Females.  But hurry to do so as there will only be five flushes offered each year. We truly appreciate your interest in our operation and look forward to changing the face of the Shorthorn industry.

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